How to choose a carpet

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With such a wonderful choice of carpets available on the market today, how do you narrow down the choices? Shade, room, use, budget…the sheer variety can be rather daunting!

Here’s our handy checklist to help you make a considered choice without the overwhelm.

How do I choose the right colour carpet?

It’s much easier (and cheaper) to change the colour of walls and accessories in a room than it is to change the carpet. So, unless you’re dead set on making a bold statement, a neutral colour is always a good choice – earthy tones such as beige and grey not only add warmth to a room but match to most colour schemes. Of course, if only hot pink or leopard print will do, then go for it!

How does light affect the shade of carpet?

Once you’ve settled on a colour, the best way to check how light makes it look is to take a few different swatches home and leave them on the floor for a whole day. This will give you an idea of how the change of light in the room from morning to night affects the colour. Don’t forget to move the swatches around too, as some parts of your room might get more light than others.

Which carpet is best for my room?

The size of a room is important. Large patterns can make a small room look smaller, whereas a plain, lighter shade can give the illusion of space.

Also, think about how the room is used. A deep pile can feel luxurious underfoot in a bedroom but in a high traffic area such as a staircase, it will get flattened very quickly, losing that lush fluffy look.

If the carpet is for a room with heavy use by children or animals, an easy-clean choice is a great option which leads us onto…

Do I need an anti-stain carpet?

It’s definitely worth considering in high traffic areas or rooms where you think the carpet is more susceptible to spills and dirt. Anti-stain simply adds a protective layer to the material, meaning that in most cases, a spill can be easily mopped up with some kitchen roll or wiped away with a damp cloth. It’ll add a little to the overall cost but it’s worth it to keep your carpet looking fresh and clean for years.

How much does carpet cost?

Material is a big factor when it comes to cost. Synthetic materials such as nylon and polypropylene are cheaper and more resistant to stains, but they could wear out more quickly. Natural materials such as wool will last longer but are more prone to staining. If your budget is somewhere in-between the two, a natural/synthetic mix is a good choice.

Don’t forget to factor into the cost, other essentials such as underlay and door bars which can make a huge difference to the feel and appearance of the final look.

Whatever your taste or budget, a good quality carpet shop will help you make the right choice. Why not pop in and pick up some swatches from us?