How will you be using your customer data for marketing in 2023?

  • Customer Marketing 2023

Think back to this time last year; did you make the most of any new customers you gained over the festive period or did they slowly slip off your radar in January?

Keeping the conversation going is vital for maintaining interest among new buyers of your products and services. But with so many marketing tools available, it can be tricky to know where to start.

We’ve got some top marketing tips to help you plan ahead, keep your business front of mind and turn new sales into customers for life, not just for Christmas!

Send a New Year mailer

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to capture your clients’ or customers’ attention. Wait until the rush of Christmas and the New Year is over before getting in touch. Make them feel special with an exclusive sneak peek of a new product or exciting news you’ve got coming up. A new customer discount or offer is a great way to thank them for their custom, make them feel valued and encourage repeat sales.

Send a different message for each audience; thank new customers for finding you; welcome back previous buyers and for those who didn’t buy, say you’ve missed them and offer something to tempt them back. Targeted mailers are always more effective than generic ones sent to everybody

Try to plan ahead so you keep customers updated with ongoing regular mailers featuring special tips and offers. Keep them short and sharp.

Answer their questions

Turn your FAQs into blogs. Use each question as a blog title and give a good, focused answer, to help your customers understand and make the most of the services you provide. Throw in lots of useful tips, too; sharing your knowledge helps build credibility and trust.

Spread the blogs over a few weeks or months but don’t just add them to your website; highlight them in your mailers and on social media. Which leads us nicely onto…

Encourage interaction on social media

You will probably pick up lots of new followers over Christmas, as people browse your profiles to find out all about you. Keep them engaged by ensuring your timelines are active but also asking them to get involved, whether new customers or old. Invite comments on how they are using your product or service, or even ask them to post pictures of their purchases.

Don’t have time to post several times a week? Use a content planner (we use Hootsuite and ContentCal) and spend just a couple of hours a month drafting a few posts which can be automated for you. Don’t forget to respond to customers’ comments and likes though!

Ask for reviews

You can tell your customers and potential customers how great your products and services are all day long, but third party endorsements are so powerful.

Don’t be shy to get in touch with any of your new and old customers and ask them to let you know what they thought of their purchase and offer a discount or special offer in return. Make the most of them by featuring them in mailers, on your website, and in social media posts.

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