We do the monitoring, so you don’t have to!

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“We do the monitoring, so you don’t have to!”

IMS – Invoice Monitoring Services is a virtual credit control company offering assistance to small businesses who find the vital task of monitoring invoices and payments is not getting the attention it needs.

We get in touch with your clients or customers on a regular basis to remind them that they owe you money – we will not let them forget about you! We do not deal with outstanding fees from a debt collection or legal perspective; it is our strong belief that if you regularly, routinely and persistently manage your credit control procedures by communicating with customers, your cashflow will improve.

By outsourcing this task to IMS, we can take this burden from you and what’s more, our service can double-up as an efficient customer service tool too. We will check an invoice has been received by your customer, will make sure they are happy with the service they have received and confirm that they are on track to make payment. We are not confrontational; we are polite, friendly, professional and persistent.

It is widely known that regular communication with customers or clients increases the chances of invoices being settled promptly and will save you further valuable time and effort dealing with this task. The longer a business ignores outstanding invoices, the harder it becomes to recover outstanding debt as time passes by.

Credit control, unfortunately, is often bottom of the ‘to do’ list! Business owners are busy running their businesses and striving to provide a great service. We are sure that by outsourcing your credit control monitoring to IMS will prove to be extremely helpful and will relieve the pressure of having to dealing with this aspect of your business admin. Rest assured, invoice settlement will no longer be at the bottom of the list for you or your clients!


• Credit control assistance

• Invoice monitoring

• Regular client/customer communication

• Improved customer service for your business

• One-off or regular assistance




E-mail: hello@invoicemonitoringservices.co.uk

Tel: 01227 941573

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