What you need to know if your energy supplier has gone under

  • What you need to know if your energy supplier has gone under

Many energy companies have gone bust and are continuing to disappear – which will leave hundreds of thousands of people in the UK without an energy supplier. Our member Bob Daniels is a distributor for  Utility Warehouse  – a safe and strong supplier and has written this blog to answer some of your questions.


Will I be cut off?
No – your energy will continue to come through and you will see no disruption in supply.

Do I need to do anything if my energy company has gone bust?
You do not need to do anything. Your account will be taken over by a new supplier automatically sit back and wait for them to contact you.

Will I get my credit back?
If you have credit on your account, this will be transferred to your new supplier. It is protected by the industry regulator OFGEM.

Will I be on a contract when I am moved?
No – once your account has been transferred you can switch away.

Can I move to a new supplier once I’ve been automatically transferred?
Yes – you can move at any time because you are not in contract.

Can I choose my own supplier?
Yes, you can – but please do wait until you have been moved to a new one initially.

Will my bills be more expensive with a new supplier?
Bills from all energy suppliers will go up from October 1st in line with the OFGEM price cap rise of energy this autumn.
UW guarantees lower prices for everybody.

How do I find out if UW will be cheaper?
Go to our website and generate a quote – if you are happy with it, you can sign-up online and the transfer to UW will begin or if you prefer please see the contact details below. It’s easy and smooth – no need for you to worry.

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