Where should we concentrate our SEO efforts in 2021?

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It’s the end of an eventful year, and it’s high time to look ahead at the next one. What will SEO be like in 2021? For most sites, SEO in 2021 will still revolve around the same principles. But, you do need to set the bar higher and higher! Here is an overview of where we need to concentrate our SEO efforts in 2021.

1. It’s all about mobile

First up, 2021 is the year everyone is working on their mobile sites. Since Google switched over to mobile-first indexing some time ago, it judges your site by how it works on mobile, even when a lot of your traffic is from the desktop. In 2021, mobile sites will also be judged on the page experience they offer.

2. Improve site quality

In 2021, your site needs to be technically flawless, offer spectacular UX and great content, targeted at the right audience at the right time in their user journey. And, of course, your site’s speed needs to improve. That also means incorporating and improving structured data.

3. Improve content quality

There is a ton of content out there — and there’s a lot of new content published every day. Why should your content be in the top ten for your chosen focus keyphrase? Is it really good enough to beat the competition? Are you publishing unique content that answers the questions your audience has?

4. Search is on the move

As much as we’d like everything to happen on our website, it’s not. Depending on where you are and what you’re doing: your search engine optimization might need to happen elsewhere and not specifically in Google. How about web stories, apps, videos or other platforms?

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