Why bother to write a blog?

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Blogs get a mixed press. Some people will say not to bother with them, but I disagree entirely.
Blogs, written well, give you so many things including:

The chance to show your knowledge
Take the opportunity to show people that you know what you’re talking about, can be trusted, and can help them to fix a problem they might have.

An opportunity to demonstrate your expertise
Whatever you do, you do it because you do it well, so let people know! Share a tip or a few tips, give some golden nuggets, or ‘how to’ advice, trade secrets, insider knowledge and help them a little. Don’t give it all away though – you want them to need you eventually!

The ability to show your potential audience what you know, plus remind your existing clients too
New clients are looking for confidence in you and they might be reading to get confirmation that you are the one to help them.
You can also take the opportunity to remind your existing customer base what you do and that they too can be confident in you.

A great way to update your website to keep it interesting to internet search engines
Search engines look for websites that are alive – they start to discount dormant or dead websites.
Adding a blog rejuvenates your website, giving the search engines a reason to throw it up in relevant search results.

An addition to your SEO
If you’re including key words in your blog, then it will help your SEO. But as we said in the point above, keeping your website updated with a simple blog, even if it is only monthly, helps you with SEO!
Refer to your frequently asked questions for ideas, or use a search listening tool such as Answer The Public – it shows you what people are asking about key words or short phrases. Try it!

Content that can be turned into social media posts (and not just one!)
Once you have your blog published to your website, tell people it’s there! The blog will cover a few points, so take each of those and turn it into a social media post.
Read our ‘How to keep your blog on topic’ blog for help with this one!
If your blog is relevant for a while, keep posting about it in different ways to keep it fresh. Some of your audience will see it again, but it might take the third time you talk about it to hit a note to make them click through.
Change the words in the post, change the picture, maybe do a short piece to camera…mix it up and keep it fresh. Re-used posts look lazy and can put your audience off.

Something to share with your database via a e-mailer
This is another way to share your blog with your audience. Your database is likely to be a mix of existing and current clients. Share your blog with them all (if relevant!) so that your existing clients and customers hear from you and get some added value and the potential ones get another reminder of you and your business.

Ask us for help with blog ideas or drafting.