Why it’s best to service your boiler in the summer

  • Why its best to service your boiler in the summer

On a lovely summer’s day, roaring fires, hot baths and warm radiators are not front of mind for most people. But roll on just a few months and you could be in for an unpleasant and very chilly surprise if these usually on-demand home comforts are not working as they should!

So, although we’d all rather be thinking about iced drinks, air conditioning and dips in a pool, here’s why a boiler service is a worthwhile addition to your summer to-do list.
Keep it in mind for next year – perhaps bring it forward a bit if you usually go for a winter service!

1. Engineers are more readily available
Boilers and heating systems are not used as frequently in the summer and so are less likely to break down. This means plumbing and heating engineers generally have fewer emergency repairs to attend to and are more likely to be able to fit you in on your chosen date.

What’s more, you’re much more likely to be able to book your preferred company and feel reassured that you have a fully qualified professional on the job.

2. You can stay warm while we work!
When we carry out any work on your boiler, we have to turn it off – meaning no hot water or heating until the job is complete.

On a sunny day, you won’t miss it but wait until the winter, and it could mean an hour or so wrapped up in scarves, gloves and hats in your own home! And if any problems are uncovered, it could mean even longer without heat and hot water. This can not only be hugely disruptive in a busy household but it could also have an impact on health for an elderly or infirm person.

3. Potential issues can be spotted early
Boilers are obviously less frequently used over the summer and this low usage can sometimes cause valves to seize up. Often, the first you’ll know of it is when you switch on the heating in October, only to find it doesn’t work!

It’s a good idea to turn on your boiler occasionally over the summer, just to keep the system flowing well.
This summer, it’s been so cold that many people have! A once-over by a professional can help spot any issues such as deposits that might have built up and prevent them from causing major damage.

4. Maintenance is better than repair
Generally speaking, it’s cheaper to regularly service your boiler than it is to repair it.

A boiler in heavy use in the winter that has not been well maintained is much more likely to break down. Plus, it can be one of the costliest items of equipment in your home to replace. Look after it and your boiler has a much better chance of reaching its expected lifespan.

5. Irregular servicing could void your warranty
Many boiler warranties include a condition that the boiler is serviced every 12 months. Waiting until the winter – the busier period – to book yours in, could mean you have to wait longer than you’d like for an appointment and you could fall outside this 12 month period.
If anything goes wrong, then you won’t be covered. Be prepared and avoid any of this kind of stress!

One of our boiler servicing plans will help you to schedule a convenient annual service at a time that suits you, giving you full peace of mind that your boiler is in working order no matter the season.
If you’d like to book a service or talk about a servicing plan for your home, a friend or relative you look after, a rental or holiday home, get in touch.