ABG Tax Event – Tax Preparation for the New Tax Year

  • ABG Tax Event - Tax Preparation For the New Year


ABG member Brian Emslie has been advising clients on their personal and business financial affairs for more than 30 years.

The new tax year is a sensible time to start thinking about how you can make tax work for both your business and personal finances over the next 12 months.

He’ll be giving us ideas on how to maximise tax breaks, increase pensions and take advantage of some of the lesser-known ways to make your money go further.

Making the best of your tax reliefs can help you to achieve your financial goals faster or more easily – paying off your mortgage, clearing debt, retiring or saving for

He’ll be covering:

  • ISAs: What they are, why you should consider one and how they perform…adding a little each year can go a long way.
  • Personal Savings Allowance: Find the right balance between cash and investments.
  • Pensions: Why invest, particularly before April 5, how much you need to invest, tax relief on pension contributions, projections. It’s never too late to save!
  • Inheritance Tax: How to protect your family wealth, make the most of tax-free gifting allowances, Junior ISA and Child Pensions options, the rules around allowances carried forward and tax-free threshold facts.
  • Capital Gains Tax (CGT): How to steer clear of the CGT trap, how to avoid paying more than you should, other ways to use the money – ISA, money transfers.
  • Dividends: Dividend Tax, how it’s reducing in the next tax year, other options including an ISA or pension.

Join us from 7:30am on Tuesday 16th April for coffee, networking, and a delicious breakfast, before we get started at 8am. There will be time to ask questions before we finish at 9:30am.

You can also book a private chat with Brian too – bring your diary!


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