ABG’s first Growth Conference a success!

  • Active Business Group - Business Growth Conference - The Guild Hall, Faversham

Held at The Guildhall in the centre of Faversham, ABG hosted our first event – The Growth Conference.

The aim of the event was to share our members’ experiences in growing their businesses, including the good, the bad and the ugly!

We shared with our guests:
– the importance of keeping on top of it and what happens when you don’t
Finances – how to keep the books balanced and how to avoid problems
Customer service – how it really affects you and your business and those all-important customers who come back again and again
Staff – finding the right staff for your business…sometimes, you have to ‘let them off the bus’!
Collaborations – finding good ones and making it work for everyone
Marketing – how important it is to get your message across

Feedback included:
“It doesn’t seem to matter what the business is – sector, industry, size or who runs it, the challenges are similar.”

“Hearing the members speak honestly about business not being easy was interesting – whilst it’s not always easy, the ABG group seems to support each other through it all.”

“I thought networking was all about referring business but having met ABG, I can see that business support is also so important, especially for small businesses with one or a few people.”

“I’m booking in a visit to see the ABG group again – totally inspired!”

Photography was by Malcolm Hackett – Malcolm The Photographer.
He was a guest at the event but very kindly brought his camera to take images for us – thank you Malcolm, it was very kind of you!

Find out more about how Malcolm can help you and your business with portrait, headshot and event photography on his website: