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After fourth months, many networkers are starting to miss networking face to face.  Being fed up with staring at the squares on the screen for the various video conferencing tools – (reminding the more mature of us, of the old TV programme, Celebrity Squares, but missing the celebrity and often missing the humour) – the Active Business Group has started to arrange a face to face networking meetings for members and guests.

Our normal venue at Boughton Golf Club is not quite ready for the early morning weekly breakfast meetings to resume, so we are visiting other local venues, where we can meet outdoors and socially distanced.  This allows us to support our local business friends and hard-hit hospitality trades and finally allows us to add the human touch back to one of our networking meetings each month.

Last Tuesday, we met at the beautiful Mount Ephraim Gardens, for tea on the terrace in the afternoon.  We had a variety of members and visitors who all enjoyed the wonderful scenery and sandwiches with locally sourced fillings, handmade and packed individually for each guest.  The care is taken by the venue over our group and its social distancing requirements were admirable, ensuring that we all felt safe.  The lovely terrace in front of the topiary allowed us all to be spaced out and comfortable.

The members and visitors received a warm welcome from our Chairman Neal, of Horizon Vehicle Leasing & Jacqui from J & J Systems, our membership secretary. During the meeting, our resident accountant, Wendy Tetley, from Achieving Clarity was able to give us some words of wisdom regarding the various financial assistance packages available during this tough time.  Adam from Acorn Insurance lifted our spirits with the wonders of Insurance and along with several other members, DeeDebbiePhillip and Bob all enjoyed meeting our guests Tony Line from Kent Recruitment Bureau, Ian Pentland from Karman Valeting, Laura Pentland from Soylicious Wax Melts, Martin & Debs from Supply My Business, Michael from Burnt Toast Solutions and Tracey Fance.

The informal and enjoyable face to face networking meeting gave such a feeling of support, we are all looking forward to our next meeting, at the Brogdale Collections on Tuesday 1st September when we will enjoy a self-guided tour around the orchards and another afternoon tea.

If you are interested In coming along to meet the members and other networking guests & get that human touch back into networking, please do contact us at for details of the event.