November 7th – The ABG Growth Conference

  • ABG Business Growth Conference Event

Join ABG members at our first ever conference – The ABG Growth Conference

Every member of ABG has either inherited or founded the business they run – but we all have one thing in common: Growth.

  • How do you grow your business?
  • What do you need to do, need to know?
  • What if something gets in the way?
  • What if you can’t do it?
  • Who do you ask for help?
  • How can you do something better, easier, faster, more efficiently?

We’ve all had these crop up – the conference is aimed at sharing our experiences with other small business owners like us, who can learn something from our growth stories and take something away to implement in their business that will help them grow too.

Our members will share:

  • How they grew their business
  • Challenges they had along the way
  • Solutions that got them through
  • Hints, tips and shortcuts to help you navigate your growth
  • What they know now they wish they had then!

The day will be split into a series of Q&A mastermind panel sessions covering:

  • Ready to grow – marketing
  • Ready to grow – accounting & bookkeeping
  • Growing responsibilities – financial planning, insurance & legal
  • Growing in different ways – hear from our physiotherapist, plumber and vehicle leasing businesses

Ask any question about their area of expertise or business – questions that help you to find an answer to something that’s been on your mind or maybe something you want to know to help you to grow your business.

If you’re not happy asking in front of everyone, you can submit it to our ‘floor hosts’ to ask anonymously on your behalf.

Book yourself a place:
Tickets are £10 each
Book here