We’d love to enjoy a bit of Christmas fun with you!

If you’ve visited ABG, are a previous member have supported us or know one of our members, please come along.


ABG’s first Growth Conference a success!

Held at The Guildhall in the centre of Faversham, ABG hosted our first event – The Growth Conference...


November 7th – The ABG Growth Conference

We’ve all had these crop up - the conference is aimed at sharing our experiences with other small business owners like us, who can learn something from our growth stories and take something away to implement…


5 reasons why your business should be networking

Too often, networking is undervalued by businesses…standing in a room full of strangers, making forced small talk, thinking of all the productive tasks you could be doing instead...


ABG is back in the room – not a Zoom room!

We held our first face-to-face meeting of the year, and since lockdown began this week...


Summer BBQ Meet-up

The ABG group had the chance to leave Zoom behind and see each other face-to-face at an evening BBQ...